Dr. Silas Espino at Strash Foot and Ankle Care | Strash Foot & Ankle Care
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Dr. Silas Espino at Strash Foot and Ankle Care

Dr. Silas Espino at Strash Foot and Ankle Care

Dr. Silas Espino, an integral part of the Strash Foot and Ankle Care team in San Antonio, brings extensive expertise in podiatric medicine to our Sonterra office location. A San Antonio native, Dr. Espino graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio before obtaining his medical degree from Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine. He further honed his skills during his residency in foot and ankle surgery in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Espino is proficient in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, offering comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s unique needs. His approach to patient care emphasizes thorough diagnosis and treatment planning to ensure the best possible outcomes. Dr. Espino’s ability to communicate fluently in both English and Spanish allows him to connect with a diverse patient base, enhancing the care experience.

Beyond his medical expertise, Dr. Espino is a family man, recently celebrating the birth of his son with his wife. He is also an active community member, having achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and coached elementary school basketball. His personal interests in sports and community service reflect his commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle, which he enthusiastically promotes to his patients.

Dr. Espino’s practice at our Sonterra office is designed to address a wide range of foot and ankle conditions. Whether you’re dealing with foot pain, thick or discolored toenails, cracks or cuts in your skin, growths such as warts, or scaling on peeling soles, Dr. Espino is equipped to help you achieve relief and regain mobility. With the option for same-day appointments, our team is always ready to assist you in putting your best foot forward.

Why Visit Dr. Espino?

  • Expertise in Foot and Ankle Surgery: Dr. Espino’s advanced training and experience ensure high-quality care and effective treatment plans.
  • Personalized Patient Care: Every patient receives a tailored treatment approach designed to meet their specific health needs.
  • Multilingual Communication: Fluent in both English and Spanish, Dr. Espino offers clear and comprehensive care discussions.
  • Community Engagement: Dr. Espino’s background in sports and community service enriches his understanding of patient lifestyles and challenges.

For quality care and a dedicated approach to foot and ankle health, schedule your appointment with Dr. Silas Espino today. Our team at Strash Foot and Ankle Care is committed to helping you enjoy a healthy, active life.