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The Basic Step

The Basic Step

With technology, driving, ordering food to our homes, and Amazon, how many of us still get the basics? Basics like walking, eating healthy foods, drinking enough water and getting fresh air and sunshine. Basics. Modern conveniences can be wonderful but they also make us complacent and lazy. Sitting at a desk with a computer does not allow us to invest in exercise walking and with lockdowns and working from home we’re definitely more likely to remain sedentary.

Podiatric physicians have a very important role in assuring that our patients can engage in an important (basic) aspect of human life, namely walking. There is little in the medical literature recognizing the importance of walking to prevent coronary artery disease and reducing mortality. A recent study published last month entitled Steps per Day and All-Cause Mortality in Middle-aged Adults in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study estimated the association of steps per day with (age 41-65 years) all-cause mortality among Black and White men and women (JAMA September 3, 2021).

The study found that among White and Black men and women in middle adulthood, participants who took approximately 7,000 steps per day or more, mortality was lower than those who took fewer than 7,000 steps per day (there was no association of step intensity with mortality). Those taking at least 7,000 steps per day had approximately 50% to 70% reduction in risk of mortality but those taking more than 10,000 steps per day did not have a further reduction in mortality risk.

Bottom line: 7000 steps per day is optimal. This cohort study found that higher daily step volume was associated with a lower risk of premature all-cause mortality among Black and White middle-aged women and men.

Walking for exercise will prolong your life.

So walking for exercise is great for us and we should make time for this activity. Walking outside is best and getting fresh air and sunshine will help to lose weight and prevent illness. If you’re having trouble getting started with exercise walking due to a foot and ankle injury you need to come and see us. Whether it’s a prior injury or an injury as a result of getting started with exercise please call our office to make an appointment.

If you’re experiencing foot and ankle pain please do not hesitate to call Strash Foot and Ankle Care. We offer treatments from conservative injection therapy, orthotics and bracing, to total ankle replacement and fusion options. It’s always our number one priority to helping you place your best foot forward, again!