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Nvision Biomedical Technologies™

Nvision Biomedical Technologies™

We all know relationships are important. The surgeons at Strash Foot and Ankle Care pride themselves on maintaining a close and caring relationship with all of their patients. To further our goal of optimal outcomes and high patient satisfaction we enjoy a close working relationship with our vendors gaining an understanding of their products, contributing to product improvement and under many circumstances practicing with new surgical hardware in a cadaver lab prior to clinical use. Nvision Biomedical Technologies™  is one company we are proud to include in our patient treatment partnership.


Nvision Biomedical Technologies™  is a San Antonio-based medical device and implant manufacturer focused on providing surgeons with implants paired with instrumentation and biologics that simplify and improve surgical procedures. Nvision is committed to developing and manufacturing thoughtfully designed surgical products giving exceptional service to surgeons, healthcare providers, and distribution partners. Nvision is aligned with surgeon thought leaders, key researchers, and development engineers from prestigious institutions to design, test, and bring to market the most innovative concepts.


Nvision is comprised of twenty-six employees in San Antonio, Texas. The Javelin® Tailor’s Bunion Fixation System is a single-use bone fixation device intended to be permanently implanted for the correction of Tailor’s Bunion. The Vector® Hammertoe Correction System, a bioimplant from Nvision, has been cleared by the FDA for use in the United States.  The Trigon® Osteotomy Wedge is the first osteotomy wedge system made from PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced.


On the developmental front, Nvision Biomedical Technologies™  is currently working on multiple products for the foot and ankle space. Two systems, an MIS Bunion System and a Titanium 3D Printed Snap-Off Screw, are currently under FDA review and are expected to receive clearance this year. Other projects, such as 1st  ray fusion systems and hammertoe implants, are in the design and testing stages of the development process and are expected to launch in 2022. Nvision is also working on and developing innovative solutions for complex foot and ankle corrections and procedures.


Strash Foot and Ankle Care is proud to be working alongside Nvision Biomedical Technologies™ to optimize surgical outcomes and care of our patients. Our number one priority is to place your best foot forward, again.