Strash Foot & Ankle Care | Another FANTASTIC Mentor Experience
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Another FANTASTIC Mentor Experience

Strash Foot & Ankle Mentorship

Another FANTASTIC Mentor Experience

On Wednesday afternoon for the past several weeks, Caitie Mansker accompanied and observed me in my Broadway office. She had the opportunity to see a good variety of pathologies from ingrown toenails, treating diabetics with neuropathy and open ulcerations to various foot and ankle fractures. The pathologies seen and interchange with patients always creates excitement and enthusiasm in the clinic setting.

Caitie is a collegiate swimmer and junior attending Indiana State University. She is majoring in biology and wants to graduate a year early. She plans on attending Physician’s Assistant school in 2022. Caitie is a San Antonio, Texas native and attended Smithson Valley High School. I know this confident and intelligent young lady will do it!

It’s ALWAYS such a joy for me to mentor — both sharing my knowledge and gaining knowledge from these incredible young adults is so very gratifying — either way, I am very blessed to have so many opportunities to interact and engage with these young and ambitious students!