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Going for the Moon Shot

Going for the Moon Shot

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Scientific Conference is always “pure stoke!” It’s a meeting of the greatest surgical minds within the foot and ankle world with exciting lectures, entertaining interchange between scientific speakers, visiting with colleagues, learning about new products and procedures, best practices, asking questions, reflection and ultimately being inspired to implement improvement.

This year the week started with the Coding and Billing seminar all day on Tuesday. Lisa and Adela attended this seminar learning how to deal with insurance companies more effectively and efficiently to help our patients. They are wonderful patient advocates and ambassadors for Strash Foot and Ankle Care.

The opening lecture on Wednesday was on the “Ripple Effect,” creating the positive ripple to change people’s lives. There was discussion on goal setting with great suggestions such as 1) writing goals down, 2) share and talk about your goals, 3) be persistent in your pursuits, 4) take moon shots (dream big) and 5) give.

Taking moon shots really hit home. Two goals are about to materialize for Strash Foot and Ankle Care, 1), the opening of our second location and 2), Dr. Derek Anselmo joining the practice.

Dr. Anselmo comes to our practice with youthful energy and enthusiasm, along with new and well-honed surgical skills. He will start with Strash Foot and Ankle Care this July contributing to patient care with a special interest in foot and ankle trauma and ankle arthritis. One very specialized skill set that Dr. Anselmo brings is performing total ankle replacements. This is a highly specialized surgical procedure requiring additional study and training. Dr. Anselmo will be filling a void in San Antonio’s medical community as there are less than a handful of foot and ankle surgeons here trained to perform total ankle replacement. Dr. Anselmo will begin treating patients this July. If you’re having ankle pain, call our office to arrange a consultation with him.

The conference week ended with Brittany and Bailey attending. They scoured the exhibitor area exploring and searching for products that would best serve our patients.

They were able to appreciate the full services offered by foot and ankle surgeons by seeing various surgical videos, handling implantable surgical hardware, visiting vendors and ultimately making suggestions for retail products that Strash Foot and Ankle Care can carry to better serve our patient’s needs.

The Strash Foot and Ankle Care team is made up of vibrant and enthusiastic individuals. We’re excited about our new location and the addition of Dr. Anselmo. We know he’ll be an enthusiastic contributor to our team and can’t wait for our patients to meet him. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons tag line of “Proven leaders. Lifelong learners. Changing lives.” rings true for our practice’s team!

The Strash Foot and Ankle Care team is growing and there’s no reason why you should have to live in pain. Our staff and I would love to see you. Our promise to you is always to help you put your best foot forward again!