Our P.T. Advantage | Strash Foot & Ankle Care
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Our P.T. Advantage

Our P.T. Advantage

My practice is always seeking out ways to improve services and medical care for patients. Physical therapy treatment is ​a helpful adjunct and I often prescribe it for my patients after an injury or surgery to aid in rehabilitating the injured area on the foot and ankle. Consistently participating in physical therapy is an integral part of recovery.

With this in mind, I would like to introduce Brian Thomson, P.T., D.P.T. Yes, Brian is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with twenty years of experience in providing sports and orthopedic therapy to people young and old(er). He provides very unique physical therapy services that will be of great benefit and convenience to all of my patients.

For one, Brian offers hands-on, individualized care at the patient’s choice of location. In other words, he will come to you at your home, office or place of business and provide specialized care to you right where you are! You don’t have to interrupt your day or travel across town to get excellent care. Also, if necessary, he will accompany you to your doctor’s visit for evaluation and follow-up care. He is able to provide care on-site in my office and is also available on-call for video or audio consultation. Dr. Thomson is able to provide customized personal care for all of my patients.

I’m excited to offer my patients this highly personal and specialized level of physical therapy services. I feel it is going to give us a step forward in care excellence and recovery.

If you have questions, or would like to request Dr. Thomson’s physical therapy services, be sure to ask Dr. Strash. You don’t need to live in pain and physical therapy can get you back on your feet faster. Give us a call, today!