Mentoring and Legacy | Strash Foot & Ankle Care
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Mentoring and Legacy

Strash Foot & Ankle San Antonio

Mentoring and Legacy

It’s always exciting when your children come and talk to you about what they may want to do with their lives, especially as it relates to career. As parents we spend many years sowing our children, giving advice, feeding, clothing, educating and leading by example. A gratifying reward comes when your children ask what you do for a living, how you provide for your family and can they come and observe.

Well, last week my daughter, Bella, asked to come into the operating room with me to observe another surgery. She’s always had an interest in medicine and has observed on several occasions in the past during her high school education. This is something I’ve encouraged with all of my children.

Bella will be starting at Texas Christian University (TCU) this fall studying biology. Her goal is to observe some other medical specialties so we’ll see where this next adventure takes her. I don’t know what type of doctor she’ll become or what area of specialization she will choose, but I’d sure welcome Strash and Strash on the masthead!

It’s so imperative to remember that if you have an interest in a certain profession, seek out those with expertise and experience in that profession and ask to follow this person to learn and gain a small taste of what their career involves. It’s how I gained insight into my profession (and another story).

Mentoring students is such an honor and privilege. To make an impression and perhaps have a small positive influence on a young person’s life is very gratifying. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in learning more about my profession, please call my office — I’d love to talk to you more!