Strash Foot & Ankle Care | Sprained Ankles | Why Do They Hurt So Much?!
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Sprained Ankles | Why Do They Hurt So Much?!

Sprained Ankles | Why Do They Hurt So Much?!

It could be as simple as a stroll down the street or as complex as making the winning shot for your basketball team – sprained ankles come when you least expect it and often when doing an activity you’re used to doing, like, for example, walking or playing tennis.

So, what exactly is a sprained ankle and why do they hurt so much?! A sprained ankle is an injury that happens when you twist, turn or roll your ankle in an unfamiliar way. When this occurs, your ligaments that help keep your ankle bones in place can stretch or tear, causing the ankle to “sprain.”

The reason why a sprained ankle hurts so much is due to the inflammation. Long story, short, blood vessels are disturbed because of the sprain, allowing fluid to ooze into the soft tissue surrounding the joint. At the same time, white blood cells (the culprit of inflammation, by the way) rush to the area, causing blood flow to increase and inflammation to occur.

You see, ligaments help stabilize your joints – their role is to prevent excessive movement. When these ligaments are forced beyond the normal range of motion, whether a twist or a roll, sprained ankles can happen.

There are many different causes for sprained ankles – from an accidental trip or fall to wearing bad shoes to sports – and unfortunately they always occur when you least expect it.

Common Sprained Ankle Causes


Sprained ankles are one of the most common sports injuries, especially in sports like basketball, tennis, football, soccer and off-road running since these activities require agility, jumping and quick action.

Bad Shoes

I see this particularly with women who choose to wear high heels or platform shoes, and while I’m not saying heels are necessarily bad for you, please use caution when wearing them as an uneven sidewalk or even a badly placed throw rug may cause you to trip and roll your ankle – trust me, I’ve seen it happen a lot.

An Old Ankle Injury

Unfortunately, once you’ve sprained your ankle, the chances are higher that you will likely sprain it again. If you’ve experienced an ankle injury in the past, please pay special attention to the activities you participate in and the shoes you wear.

Sprained Ankle Treatment

Like all injuries, treatment depends on how bad you sprained your ankle. Sometimes icing and over-the-counter pain medications are all you need, but if the pain persists, that’s your body telling you something is wrong. If that’s the case, I advise you to make an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist right away. Some symptoms may include: tenderness when you touch your ankle, swelling, bruising, restricted range of motion, and even a popping sensation or sound at the time the injury happened.

If the pain persists and you don’t seek help, you may be at risk for developing chronic ankle pain, joint instability and arthritis – not good and may be preventable by a quick visit to your podiatrist.

Bottom line, in this day and age, it’s not necessary to live in pain. If you’re experiencing chronic pain that’s precluding you from partaking in your daily activities, give Strash Foot & Ankle Care a call, today – we are committed to helping you put your best foot forward, again.