Strash Foot & Ankle Care | Bunions | A Painful Foot Problem With a Funny Name
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Bunions | A Painful Foot Problem With a Funny Name

Bunions | A Painful Foot Problem With a Funny Name

Bunions are a fairly common disorder that is hereditary – not the bunion itself, but rather the foot. Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but basically, you inherit a foot from your relative(s) that makes a person more likely to develop a bunion.

So what exactly is a bunion and what’s with the funny name? Well, first, there’s nothing funny about having a bunion. This painful foot disorder causes a multitude of problems, including pain that prohibits people from even the simplest activities, like taking an evening stroll.

The word bunion is derived from the Latin word, “bunio,” which means enlargement; which makes sense considering a bunion is a bump located on the outside of the big toe. The bump is caused by the big toe leaning toward the second toe. You see, all of your toes should point straight and when the big toe leans into the second toe, it throws everything out of alignment, creating the bunion.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the cause of the bunion, mainly, wearing tight shoes that cram the toes. This doesn’t actually cause the bunion, but it may make the bunion, and therefore the symptoms, worse.

Bunion Symptoms

Bunion symptoms may vary, but the most common are listed below.

Inflammation and/or redness

Pain at the site of the bunion

Red, painful bump

Burning sensation


Bunion Treatment Options

Depending on how bad the bunion is, surgical and nonsurgical treatments are available. At Strash Foot & Ankle Care, we always take a conservative approach, first, meaning treatment without surgery. For example, trading in your high heels or tight shoes for something more comfortable and forgiving may help your bunion.

If your podiatrist determines removing the bunion is the best option, there’s absolutely no reason to panic. Today, the procedure presents little risk and is usually an outpatient procedure.

Long-Term Bunion Removal Outlook

Bunion removal surgery is highly successful with the majority of patients experiencing great relief soon after surgery. I see so many patients who waited and waited until the pain was unbearable, causing these poor people to forgo daily activities. This is SO unnecessary. After bunion removal surgery, I can’t tell you how many of my patients are amazed at the difference and always tell me they regret waiting so long.

So, if you’re experiencing pain from bunions, give us a call, today. At Strash Foot & Ankle Care, we’re here to put your best foot forward, again.